Intelligent Traffic Management System in Indore to make commute efficient and hassle-free

Intelligent Traffic Management System in Indore to make commute efficient and hassle-free

ITMS is an advanced system, which aims at providing transport and traffic management solutions.

Indore is amongst the top twenty smart cities of India and has been one of the most successful cities in implementing smart initiatives. Living up to its mark, Indore Smart City Development Limited (ISCDL) is all set to launch an Intelligent Traffic Management System in Indore.

The system once installed, will provide real-time traffic movement information to the people. The much-touted application was tested at eight significant intersections of the city, last week.

ITMS to address modern day traffic challenges

After a successful 2-day trial of the Intelligent Traffic Management System, the authorities are keen on making the commute in Indore smart. The trial was conducted last week at eight traffic-prone intersections in the city to assess the performance of the system and to draw conducive conclusions. Notably, the system also helped in detecting traffic violations in Indore.

The eight intersections where the trial run was conducted were Scheme-78 trisection, Satya Sai Square, MR-9 Square, LIG Square, Industry House trisection, Palasia Square, Bhawarkua Square and Bholaram Ustad intersection.

What is an Intelligent Traffic Management System?

ITMS is an advanced system, that offers advanced transport and traffic management solution to make commute safe, efficient and hassle-free. Advanced telecommunications and state-of-the-art microchips, and radio frequency identification (RFID) together tracks the flow of traffic to provide real-time traffic situation in the city.

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