Interesting facts about Indore’s lavish Lal Baag Palace that you should know

Interesting facts about Indore’s lavish Lal Baag Palace that you should know

If you're planning a trip here, there are some really interesting facts that you might want to know beforehand!

The Lal Baag Palace in Indore stands as a relic of Indore’s rich culture and heritage. The palace complex was built in 1886 by the Holkar Rulers, and stands tall, telling the tales of a past that is worth dwelling into. Lal Baag Palace is one of the most visited places in Indore and it holds many fascinating secrets.

The walls and ceilings are lavishly decorated in the style of Versailles Palace

The Lal Baag Palace is considered to be one of the most stylish residences in the country. The construction of the palace began in 1886 and went up to 1902. It was done in three phases, hence the Palace’s structure and the entire theme came out to be extraordinarily modern. The palace is spread in an area of 28 hectares and replicates some of the most lavish palaces of the west including Buckingham Palace and Palace of Versailles.

The interior of the palace is adorned with intricately carved designs and paintings of angels and nymphs. Not just that it also houses marble Italian columns, grand chandeliers, paintings, and furniture.

The gates of the palace are replicas of the gates of Buckingham palace, London

The gates of Lal Baag Palace are the replicas of the gates at Buckingham Palace in London. It is said that the gates were shipped from London specially for the palace and are half the size of those at Buckingham Palace. The gates to this day are the testaments of the great taste and aesthetic of the Holkar rulers as well as their interest in western architecture. The gates also carry the Holkar Dynasty emblem that reads: “He who tries, succeeds”

The Ballroom floor is spring mounted

The ballroom at the palace is magnificent, most of the decor here can transport any visitor to a completely different era and is a sight to behold. Other than the decor another interesting fact about the palace is that the floor here, is mounted on springs. The floor is wooden and is mounted on springs to provide for an extra bounce to the dance floor.

The dance floor and the ballroom itself is made in a way to be able to host a number of dances and elaborate parties, another aspect that defines the extravagant lifestyle of Holkar rulers.

The kitchen was located on the opposite bank of the river Kahn

One of the more interesting things about the palace is that the kitchen was located on the opposite bank of the river Khan. it is believed that the Holkar rulers were exceptionally particular about what they wanted to include into the palace quarters hence they made sure that the kitchen would remain away from the main complex. The kitchen is said to be connected with an airy and well lit tunnel to facilitate smooth movement between the two complexes.

The rose garden is said to be the best in the country

It is no news that the Holkar rulers were a lover of fine things. Another of their indulgent pieces in the palace was the exquisite rose garden. Spread all along the palace, the garden has forever been the topic of conversation in Indore. To this day the rose garden remains one of the most stunning sights in the city apart from the visually appealing palace itself.

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Indore is home to many heritage sites, but Lal Baag Palace has a special place. Offering regal views and breathtaking architecture on display, there's something here for everyone.

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