Knocksense Shorts | Indore's eco-friendly 'No Car Day' promises cleaner air

Knocksense Shorts | Indore's eco-friendly 'No Car Day' promises cleaner air

Mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava urges residents to opt for public transportation, e-bikes, and bicycles on 'No Car Day'.

Indore, renowned for its eco-friendly initiatives, is breaking new ground with 'No Car Day' on September 22nd. This inaugural effort, endorsed by the Indore Municipal Corporation and traffic department, represents the city's first such eco-conscious venture. The Mayor, Pushyamitra Bhargava, proud of Indore's status as the nation's cleanest city, underscored the importance of this unique initiative, designed to enhance air quality by keeping city roads car-free.

The Mayor has advised proactive measures to ensure the initiative's success. He has inquired about the availability of MYBYK bikes through Atal Indore City Transport Services Ltd. (AICTSL) on September 22nd and directed officials to share bus routes and schedules on social media. An extensive awareness campaign will be held in public spaces and malls, urging citizens to contribute to improving the city's Air Quality Index.

Meanwhile, the Collector, Ilayaraja T encourages government employees to commute by bicycle or two-wheelers on this day. While this innovative event may disrupt daily routines, it offers alternative transportation options such as e-rickshaws and buses. Health-conscious individuals can opt for cycling or walking.

Indore's commitment to environmental sustainability shines through this initiative, and Mayor Bhargava calls on all citizens to back this endeavour.

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