4-year-old Adira Porwal from Indore sets world record by identifying & reading 15 digit numbers

4-year-old Adira Porwal from Indore sets world record by identifying & reading 15 digit numbers

Indore's Adira Porwal successfully registered her name in the International Book of Records, read on to know more

Adira Porwal, a 4-year-old student of KG-1 from Gapur Extension has made Indore proud by getting her name registered in the International Book of Records. The record was set for being the youngest person in the world to identify and read 15 digit numbers in the Indian and International number system on January 7, 2022.

Adira Porwal's unique feat

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A quick learner, Adira Porwal reportedly used to read numbers up to crores in the beginning and then gradually progressed. On what motivated the child to study harder, her mother Payal shared, “we were supposed to record a video of her reading the numbers for the world record. To get her to do so, we told her if she puts her heart into studying, she will be personally rewarded by the Prime Minister. After which, she took more interest and let us record her while reading the numbers."

With the help of her teacher who taught her Magic math and support from her mother, the kindergartner is now able to read numbers with 15 digits and identify place values in both Indian and international number systems without any difficulty. It’s no secret that kids have more creativity and curiosity than adults. Some of them are fast learners and some are slow learners, however, with the right amount of motivation, love and support, these kids can do wonders and the story is just an example of the same.

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