Madhya Pradesh exploration expedition: Discover the 'Heart of India'

Madhya Pradesh exploration expedition: Discover the 'Heart of India'

The state tourism department organises several events throughout the year. Read on to know more

Madhya Pradesh is known for its extravagant culture and heritage, its vibrant temples, untamed ranges of Satpura along which major sanctuaries reside and colloquial food items. However, there is always something more for travellers to explore and learn about this state.

With an aim to attract tourists, the state tourism department organises several events throughout the year. This is not just for the state to get tourists, but for the people to take a peek into the rich culture, understand the state's ethnicity and learn from the on-ground practices.

We have curated a list of activities that any traveller can participate in if visiting the state in the month of September and October.

Monsoon Mood Snaps Photography Contest

Starting with something that falls under the aperture of everyone, we have the Monsoon Mood Photography challenge organised by the Madhya Pradesh tourism department.

The monsoon is already here and nothing tends to be more mesmerising than witnessing the lush greenery, exuberant architecture and mighty tigers of Madhya Pradesh. The beauty of the state blooming with rain-washed foliage, contrasted by a blue sky dotted with wispy clouds is a site to behold.

The event was kickstarted on the occasion of World Photography Day and will continue to take entries till September 18. So hurry up and start capturing the beautiful moments.

How to Participate:

  • Follow MP Tourism handles on Facebook and Instagram

  • Submit your entries through the Google Form


  • First- ₹11,000

  • Runnerup- ₹8,000

  • Second runnerup- ₹5,000

  • Consolation Prizes- ₹1,000 to five winners

Pachmarhi Climbing Challenge

Pachmarhi, renowned for being the Queen of Satpura, is situated at 1,607m above sea level. Adorned with lush green meadows, gigantic waterfalls and mighty mountains, Pachmarhi is the perfect place for travel junkies.

So plan your trip to Pachmarhi accordingly, because this October, you will have a chance to climb a 130-foot-high natural rock wall in the forests of Pachmarhi.

Yes, you heard it right, the Pachmarhi Climbing Challenge is here with a cash prize of ₹1 lac for the winner. Reportedly, the event is expected to start on October 14th, 2022 and will end by October 18th, 2022.

To ensure fair competition, the climbing day and slots will be assigned to participants via a lottery system. On each day, only 7-8 people will be allowed to climb the natural rock wall.

For more details on participation visit MP Tourism official website.

Explore Satpura 2022

Satpura Mountain range is home to several major tourist destinations of Madhya Pradesh including, Bhopal, Indore and Pachmarhi. Well, you must have planned to visit either of the cities before, however, imagine exploring the Satpura Range on a cycle. Sounds fun... Right?

Well, it is fun to travel, and when you cycle to places this beautiful, it sure is a refreshing experience. Cycle amidst the forests and slopes of the untamed yet mesmerizing Satpura Ranges and soak in the fun, and engage in amazing experiences.

The cycling trail will kick off from Bhopal and will end at Pachmarhi, passing via Tawa Dam and Madhai.

Entry fees: ₹15,000/ pax.


  • A welcome kit

  • Support station across the ride

  • 3 night stay at MPT resorts

  • Medal

  • Certificate

  • Photographs

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