Madhya Pradesh's first public solar EV charging station now open in Indore

Madhya Pradesh's first public solar EV charging station now open in Indore

Charging services are provided at ₹15 per unit. People can conveniently access pre-booking and pre-paid charging options through the EVY app.

To encourage the adoption of electric vehicles and to contribute to Indore's vision of becoming a 'solar city,' Atal Indore Transport Services Limited (AICTSL) has inaugurated the state's inaugural public EV charging station next to AICTSL’s office (between Geeta Bhawan Square and Shivaji Vatika Square) powered by alternative energy sources.

This marks the beginning of a larger initiative, with 47 more similar facilities set to be established across various areas in the city.

Mission to achieve the Net Zero target by 2070

The EV charging station was inaugurated by Mayor and AICTSL's Board Chairman Pushyamitra Bhargav. Mr. Bhargav stated that, Indore has already set its vision on becoming a solar city, and the introduction of this solar-powered EV station further reinforces their commitment to achieving Net Zero target by 2070. He also emphasized that the Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is determined to position Indore at the forefront of cities embracing renewable energy usage.

Mr. Bhargav also mentioned that there has been a notable rise in the adoption of electric vehicles in the Indore district over the recent years. He pointed out that people are now preferring EVs as their primary mode of transportation, but until now, there were no specific public charging stations available for their convenience.

₹15 for a unit, six vehicles can be charged at a time

Electric two-wheelers, four-wheelers, and electric auto-rickshaws can utilize the charging facility recently initiated near SGSITS. To charge a two-wheeler completely, approximately 4 units of electricity will be consumed, with each unit priced at ₹15/-. Each charging station can accommodate up to six vehicles simultaneously. The station allows a maximum of six vehicles to be parked and charged at the same time, offering users the convenience of pre-booking and prepaid recharge options.

To utilize this charging facility, users can download the EVY app from Google Play Store or iOS to access the charging station's location information. The station supports chargers that are compatible with the e-vehicles owned by the users. However, it should be noted that charging might take some time due to the slower charging rate. Typically, it can take around 3 hours to fully charge a vehicle.

The state's inaugural solar-based charging station required an investment of approximately ₹15 lakh. The Municipal Corporation has provided the space for this Solar Base Electric Vehicle Charging Station in the city.

Solar charging points are to be set up at 47 places in the city

AICTSL plans to establish solar-powered electric charging stations at 47 different locations in Indore. These stations will comprise 37 slow chargers and 10 fast chargers. Additionally, two new stations are scheduled to be operational in front of Snehaltaganj Bridge and Gokuldas Hospital within the next two months.

Moreover, to support the charging needs of 40 electric city buses, 15 charging points have been installed at Silicon City Square, Hawa Bangla Square, and Rajiv Gandhi Square.

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