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Meet Indore's 'Nav Rakshak', World's first rescuer AI drone, to be deployed on Goa beaches

To stay on alert across all 52 Goa beaches.

In a first-of-its-kind innovation, an Indore startup has created an AI drone that will soon be deployed on Goa beaches to rescue drowning boats and people, by providing swift life-saving assistance.

Christened 'Nav Rakshak', this artificial intelligence drone has been built by an Indore-based company named Pisarv Technologies.

Nav Rakshak will be on alert across all 52 Goa beaches

As per current reports, the Nav Rakshak drones will be deployed on all 52 Goa beaches and that's not it. These life-saving drones will also be on the alert in UP's and Uttarakhand's river ghats, and also in some regions in Madhya Pradesh.

The reason why this AI drone is being claimed to be the first of its kind is because it has a computer that flies along with it to the rescue. Furthermore, it boasts exceptional detection powers, which will help it spot drowning people and raise an alarm to ensure swift assistance.

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