MP Tourism takes a unique approach to making tourism safe for women travellers

MP Tourism takes a unique approach to making tourism safe for women travellers

The need and importance of such an initiative were explained with the help of a short film made by Aparajita Mahila Sangh.

In an attempt to ensure women safety, Madhya Pradesh Tourism plans to involve local women to help in keeping women tourists safe at various tourist spots across the state. Under this initiative, several activities like workshops, skill training, safety audits, and orientation for better departmental coordination will be conducted. Details about the initiative were discussed in a workshop for the safe tourist destinations for women.

Short film screened to highlight details of the project

The project details were explaimed to the officials by means of a short film that talked about the reality that solo women travellers have to deal with. Other than this, activities and workshops that will be conducted in the next three years under this initiative were also discussed. These activities will take place at various tourist spots in the state like Patalpani, Choral, Pachmarhi, etc.

The motive of the initiative is to make tourist destinations travel-friendly and safe for women. The initiative is also targeted at improving the tourism industry as a whole and empowering women to travel by themselves. In order to implement this vision, about 2000 local women will be trained with self-defence skils.

About 600 women will also be given skill development training in the tourism sector. In addition to training local women, Aparajita Mahila Sangh members also plan to develop community-based institutes and organisations that will be tasked with ensuring women’s safety at tourist places.

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