Vidisha and Pench National Park
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Nature, History, Adventure: Here's your ultimate Jan 26 weekend getaway guide from Indore

Pack your bags up and head for a much-needed retreat-cum-detox!

January 26 is falling on a Friday, people, and you know what that means? A long weekend! So folks, are you ready for a Republic Day long weekend getaway?

Here are 5 places near Indore that you can hit to escape from the monotony of your 9-5 work. All we're saying is — peruse through the list below, do some R&D, book your tickets, pack your bags up and head for a much-needed retreat-cum-detox!

Janapav Hill


Ideal for trekkers, the Janapav Hill is famed for breathtaking views, picturesque trails, an age-old ashram or two and scenic hills in the Malwa Plateau. Located merely 48 kms from Indore in Janapav Kuti, keep 2 days to visit this pleasant spot!

Hanuwantiya Island

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If you're a sucker for offbeat locations, Madhya Pradesh's Hanuwantiya Island is a water sports' paradise just for you. Situated some 140 kms from Indore, this pollution-free zone is a gem replete with rich flora and fauna.

Ajanta Caves

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What is a better getaway spot on such a historic date than the ancient yet architectural marvel that is Ajanta Caves in Maharashtra? The caves, approx 350 kms from Indore, represent the summit of Buddhist religious art and have been enchanting visitors with 29 rock-cut antique monuments (dating back to 2nd century BCE to 480 CE).

Pench National Park

If you're a wildlife lover, nothing screams a better weekend trip than a national sanctuary/park. Perched 456 kms from Indore and famous for its Tiger Reserve, the Pench National Park is home to an array of wildlife, from wild boars to leopards, from migratory birds to endangered vultures. The jungle, perfect for a winter trip, offers a cornucopia of biodiversity and fun wildlife trails and safaris to the travellers.


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Yet again the ideal place for history and culture enthusiasts, this ancient city provides insights into the rich past of the country (from seeing emperor Ashoka govern it to being the capital of Sunga dynasty). With numerous ancient temples, archaeological ruins, splendid caves and pillars and the district museum, there's quite some places to explore in Vidisha, located 248 kms from Indore.

Vidisha and Pench National Park
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