New vehicle scrap centres to soon open in Indore

New vehicle scrap centres to soon open in Indore

Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021 to offer discounts & reductions while registering for new vehicles.

As per the Central Government’s Vehicle Scrappage Policy 2021, getting your vehicle scrapped by government backed scrap centres, can provide you multiple benefits. Depending upon the condition of the vehicle, a compensation amount will be decided for your scrapped vehicle.

A certificate will also be provided to the customer. Additionally, the policy also offers discounts in the amount when registering for a new vehicle and road tax. The policy covers vehicles that are 15 or over 15 years old.

Applications for junkyards being screened

Despite the policy being released in September last year, people in Madhya Pradesh have still not been able to take advantage of the benefits. However, RTO Indore is now working towards establishing vehicle scrap centres in the city. They’ve already begun screening applications for the same.

The policy will be beneficial for vehicle owners in the city in many different ways. For those who do not wish to buy a new vehicle can simply transfer their scrappage certificate to their friends and relatives. In order to do so, a request will have to made via Central Govt.’s Parivahan portal.

Currently, there are nearly 21 lakh registered vehicles in the city, out of which, most of them are two-wheelers. Apart from personal vehicles, there is also a good strength of commercial vehicles in the city. The policy encourages people to get rid of their old and unused automobiles, parts and metal which can be recycled and repurposed.

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