Nurturing curiosity, Indore government schools introduce astronomy clubs for students

Nurturing curiosity, Indore government schools introduce astronomy clubs for students

The ancient Ujjain observatory will collaborate with government schools in Indore to equip clubs with the necessary equipment and resources.

In an endeavor to foster a inculcate an understanding of astronomy in kids, dedicated astronomy clubs will be established in government schools across Indore. These clubs will be furnished with astronomical instruments and educational resources that will be obtained from the renowned Ujjain Observatory, also referred to as Jantar Mantar.

Additionally, the observatory will establish partnerships with government schools in the city. As part of this collaboration, students will have the opportunity to visit the Ujjain Observatory, and witness significant astronomical phenomena, while also learning about them.

Astronomy clubs to serve as educational hubs for students

These clubs aim to cultivate scientific knowledge and curiosity among students, providing them with a platform to delve into the intricacies of the cosmos.

Through engaging activities, providing educational material, interactive sessions and expert guidance, these clubs will pave the way for young minds to explore the wonders of astronomy.

India's oldest observatory empowering the newest generation

Jantar Mantar in Ujjain (Vedhshala) was the first astronomical observatory on India. Constructed by Sawai Raja Jai Singh between 1719-30, the Vedhshala features four gigantic instruments for witnessing cosmic events. Later, the Vedhshala was equipped with modern equipment telescope and a planetarium for visitors.

By partnering with government schools in Indore, the observatory authorities will directly work on nurturing the astronomy clubs, aiming to ignite students' interest in the field from an early age.

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