Of Palaces and Dinosaurs; Explore Dhar, a hub of history, 63 km from Indore

Of Palaces and Dinosaurs; Explore Dhar, a hub of history, 63 km from Indore

An hour-and-a-half drive from Indore, a trip to Dhar with its ancient structures and rich heritage make for the perfect weekend getaway.

Located in the Malwa region, Dhar is a city in Madhya Pradesh that is home to a slew of historical tourist attractions. The place's scenic natural beauty coupled with its age-old architecture attract thousands of international and Indian tourists every year.

With it being less than a couple of hours away from Indore city, it makes for the perfect weekend getaway from the city, especially for those who love to hear historical tales of love, wars, and conquest atop a majestic fort.

Visit the Ship Palace, Swing Palace and a slew of other unique historical spots

The Jahaj Mahal (Ship Palace), nestled amid two artificial lakes, is probably the district's most popular tourist spot. Located in the ancient fort town of Mandav near Dhar district, it is a true architectural masterpiece. This two-storey structure resembles a ship floating in water and that's where it gets its unique name from.

Another palace with a unique name in Dhar district, the Hindola Mahal or the Swing Palace, is named so because of its sloping walls and dates back to the 15th century. In addition to these, the Dhar Fort (14th century), Dhareshwar Temple (10th and 11th century), and Bhojshala (12th century) also feature in the seemingly never-ending list of Dhar's historical tourist spots.

Catch Jurassic Park vibes at the Asmadha Fossil Park

The Asmadha Fossil Park in Dhar district, home to preserved dinosaur eggs and archeological remains dating back to the Jurassic era is a must-visit for those Jurassic Park fans (or fans of Ross Geller from "Friends" who still don't quite know what he did for a living) willing to take the weekend off and make the journey from Indore to Dhar.

Paleontologists from the world over (again, not Ross Geller, we mean real paleontologists, sorry "Friends" enthusiasts!) pay this fossil park a visit to get a glimpse of the many plant, animal and marine remains collected at the place.

Knock Knock

So, Indore folks! If experiencing loads of natural beauty sprinkled with gems of historical importance sound like a tantalizing weekend getaway for you, take the 63 km drive to Dhar district for a nice stroll through the fascinating corridors of history.

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