Organic farming to be promoted on the farm land at the bank of river Kahn & Saraswati

Organic farming to be promoted on the farm land at the bank of river Kahn & Saraswati

By-products from CNG plant gets clearance from Fertiliser Control Order

It has been proven time and again that nothing goes to waste in Indore, be it, the artistic items made up of waste material or the waste items converted into organic compost. The Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has taken the initiative to provide farmers with the compost produced at the bio-CNG plant that was inaugurated earlier this year.

Organic farming to start from the banks of Kanh and Saraswati

The initiative is aimed towards promoting organic farming and reduce the use of chemical fertilisers for agriculture. As per the reports, the compost produced at the plant has met the parameters of the Fertiliser Control Order. The clearance now opens gate for the farmers to use organic copost at reasonable rates to promote organic, chemical-free farming.

Under the project, organic farming will be first implemented at the farms located on the banks of river Kahn and Saraswati. Farms adjacent to the rivers that are located between Indore and Ujjain are being marked to be a part of the organic farming belt.

It is a known fact that despite increasing the yield, chemical fertilisers and pesticides leave the soil stripped of its natural fertility and quality. The use of organic manure will not only help in maintaining the quality of the soil but will also keep harmful chemicals from entering the river waters.

Quality checked compost

Tim Sandall

The CNG plant produces both liquid (compost tea) and solid compost on a massive scale which is facilitating this initiative. Organic items like grains and vegetables are usually sold at higher prices in the markets. Once the initiative takes off and the yield is good, people in Indore might experience some drop in the prices of these items.

Currently, only about 3000 acres of agricultural land is being utilised for organic farming. However, with cheaper and more efficient fertilisers available in the market, the practice of organic farming is expected to grow rapidly.

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