Our favourite hangout places to chill at this Diwali week in Indore

Our favourite hangout places to chill at this Diwali week in Indore

Diwali is right around the corner and the festivities are about to drown us all, so here’s a list of our favorite (and the best) hangout places, restaurant, cafes and bars in Indore that’ll be a perfect spot for your next Diwali party and make the celebrations a lot more fun.

SD 21

With pool side seating and live music, SD 21 in Somdeep Palace is highly recommended. This is one of the few places that stands true to the hype around it, the food is absolutely delicious and the vibe of the restaurant chill. The restaurant specializes in Indian and Chinese delicacies and has a soft corner for tandoor items.

Price for two: ₹1100

Hobnob Gourmet Cafebar

Known for its amazing barbecue and delicious pizza, Hobnob Cafebar in Indore is a rare gem of a place. Specializing in global cuisine, the Cafebar has wonderful food options including the famous thin crust pizzas, Korean chicken wings, nachos with a side of re-fried beans, guacamole, salsa and queso, Greek salads and mezze platter, among various other things. The Cafebar, as its name suggests also boasts of having a plethora of original cocktail.

Price for two: ₹1950

Not so Desi

This quirky restaurant is as EXTRA as we all are, with its eccentric and grand French-Victorian decor, that restaurant justifies its tagline: “Desi खाना = Videsi ड्रामा”. The charismatic bright interiors are not all that the restaurant offers, it is also renowned for the modern twist it gives to the desi food. A must visit for people who like a little crazy and unique.

Price for two: ₹1600

Tic Tac Toe

The clever tagline “Free Beer, Topless Bartender and False Advertising” is not all that we love about the restaurant, we also are absolutely gaga about its fun and beautiful interiors. With quirky menu items like jackfruit masala gujhiya, quinoa poha, tofu pepper pie and chicken shawarma pizza, the restaurant cum bar has become a favourite of youngsters.

Price for two: ₹ 1200

Bollywood Theka

“Dafaq” is what the bar menu is called which is aided by an extensive food menu the first page of which screams “Chakhna”. Bollywood Theka is exactly what you think it is, a bar that is Bollywood themed. The walls are lined with movie posters and you’ll find that the interiors are as colourful as a movie set would be, making this an ideal hangout spot for people who love a little drama in their life.

Price for two: ₹1300

These are favourite picks. What are yours? Let us know in the comments below.