Pushing back on pollution: Indore e-buses get new charging station

Pushing back on pollution: Indore e-buses get new charging station

The new station will cater to buses traversing between Teen Imli Square and Silicon City.

In a welcome step towards switching to green energy, e-buses in Indore have been gifted a brand new charging station by the Atal Indore City Transport Services Limited (AICTSL). The new 120 kilowatt fast charging station, which was inaugurated in the presence of mayor Pushyamitra Bhargava on Wednesday, boasts the capacity of charging 40 buses per day.

The AICTSL currently has 40 e-buses operating in Indore

Furthermore, the AICTSL now has 3 charging stations for electric buses in Indore. Along with the new one in Silicon City, there are two others, one at Rajiv Gandhi chouraha and another at Hawa Bungalow. These charging stations power the 40 AICTSL electric buses in Indore doing rounds across the city which is gradually taking steps to combat the deterioration in air quality.

Commenting at the inauguration of said charging station, Manoj Pathak, CEO of AICTSL, said that plans are underway to add 80 new electric buses to Indore's fleet in the months to come. In view of Indore's AQI, which reached 'unhealthy' levels early in 2023, efforts to ditch diesel vehicles for electric ones is a welcome and timely initiative.

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