Serene getaways: Bookmark these 5 waterfalls near Indore for a short scenic trip

Serene getaways: Bookmark these 5 waterfalls near Indore for a short scenic trip

Drawing an indelible imprint on your mind, these enchanting waterfalls make for a great weekend getaway!

Indore is adorned with natural attractions and lush, lively waterfalls are just one of the top fascinations for tourists here. However, even if you're a localite and looking for a short trip, here are some majestic and refreshing waterfalls located near Indore city that will make for a perfect weekend getaway amidst the wilderness!

Bamniya Kund Waterfalls

These absolutely breathtaking waterfalls, falling in the midst of dream-like lush forests, are situated at a mere distance of 36.7 kms or 1.5 hours from Indore.

Located in Madhya Pradesh's Malindi region and at a height of around 300 feet, the lesser-known beauty requires a scenic 4 km trek through the green forest belt, from Badgonda Village to Nakheri Dam. There's also a hot water spring on the way, giving a relaxing detox before one is enthralled by the Bamniya Kund Waterfalls on the top.

Patalpani Waterfalls

To view one of the most popular cascading waterfalls near Indore, you need to plan a visit to Patalpani Falls located in Indore's Mhow Tehsil. Situated on the Choral River, a tributary of the Narmada, this is a popular tourist spot that offers a panoramic nature's window. You can also plan recreational activities here — from stargazing and camping to flying fox.

Especially recommended during the monsoon season, a trip from Indore means a short 32 kms from the centre.

Tincha Falls

Located at some 30 kms from the city, Tincha Falls is an ideal spot for a short vacay. Cascades falling from a height of roughly 300 feet, it is situated near the Tincha village. There's lots of opportunity for trekking and camping here, too, and devotees like to visit the nearby temples located here.

The best time to visit the mesmerising falls in during monsoon when the beauty assumes dense life.

Halali River Waterfalls

Located approximately 232 kms from Indore, the Halali River Waterfalls is almost a 5-hour road trip from the centre but every bit worth the journey. A major tourist attraction in the Bala Barkheda village of Vidisha Tehsil, this place features water sports and other recreational activities, making it a pleasant picnic spot.

Jogi Bhadak Falls

Drawing an indelible imprint on your mind, the enchanting Jogi Bhadak Falls will render travellers an experience memorable. Placed in Dhal near Indore, the spot also proffers hiking and travelling opportunities to its visitors.

40 kms from Indore's centre, visitors will have to begin their trek from Dhal Gram for some 4 kms. Falling from a 400-feet high cliff, the base of the falls include various streams that form a pool ultimately at the bottom, making the whole picture a sight to capture.

Serene getaways: Bookmark these 5 waterfalls near Indore for a short scenic trip
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