Smart trees made out of waste material to help collect rainwater in Indore

Smart trees made out of waste material to help collect rainwater in Indore

Innovative rainwater harvesting system to be installed in 3 to 4 locations in Indore

Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) and the District Administration have recently initiated several measures for replenishing water bodies, recharging the groundwater and installing rainwater harvesting systems wherever possible. As another step in this direction, the civic body plans to set up smart trees, a unique initiative for ensuring efficient rainwater harvesting.

Structure to be equipped with water purification techniques

As per the officials, the artificially made smart trees will be located at four locations, namely, Shivaji Vatika Square, Mhow Naka, Collectorate and Trenching Ground. The structure of the smart trees will include an inverted cone on the top for containing the rainwater followed by a long trunk.

The total height of the smart trees will be approximately 15 to 20 feet. Additionally, an 8 to 10 ft deep pit will be dug underneath the structures. These pits will be equipped with water filters and a meter to measure the amount of rainwater that has reached the groundwater table.

The water collected in the trees will reach the ground by means of pipelines. The construction and installation of these trees will take up to 2 to 3 months. In an attempt to maintain sustainability, the structure will be constructed using waste material like plastic pipes, scrap metal, metal meshes and etc.

The locations for their installation have been selected by taking various factors into consideration. In addition to collecting rainwater, these smart structures will provide shade during the scorching heat. Apart from this, Smart trees will also be decorated with lighting to make them look attractive during the night.

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