Special N1 kits introduced by Indore Education Department to help students

Special N1 kits introduced by Indore Education Department to help students

These classes began from August 16 and will continue till October 31.

With online learning being the way to learn since March 2020, both teachers and students have experienced difficulties due to connectivity and technological issues. For economically-challenged students, the lack of access to electronic devices was a major hurdle. This means that despite a teacher’s best efforts, the question of how many students they actually taught, remains unanswered.

To make amends for lost time, the Indore Education Department has planned to launch bridge courses for students from classes 3 to 8, with special N1 kits. These classes began on August 16 and will continue till October 31.

What to expect from the N1 content Kit?

Bridge courses are special educational programs in which teachers inculcate the basic knowledge to students. This year, a special kit, the N1, has been designed by the Education department, in collaboration with schools, for the students. The schools have to ensure that the students are taught via the allocated kit, within the stipulated time of two and a half months.

The N1 kit includes workbooks that consist of the basic information relating to the previous academic sessions. Reportedly, the content kits have already been sent to the schools for distribution.

What are bridge courses?

Bridge courses are generally considered as a means of supplementary education for imparting basic knowledge regarding subjects that will be taught to students in the near future. Currently, bridge courses are being introduced by the Indore authority to specially help average and below average students, whose basic concepts have been hampered during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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