Streets in Indore turn green with newly transplanted trees

Streets in Indore turn green with newly transplanted trees

Over 400 trees transplanted on the streets of Indore so far

Time and again, Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) has adopted several methods to enhance the beauty of the city in sustainable and environmentally friendly ways. Now, instead of planting young plants on the road dividers, IMC plans to transplant trees.

So far concerned officials have transplanted about 400 trees, seemingly without any extra expense. This is the first time a city’s civic body has taken an initiative like this. In addition to being the cleanest city in the country, measures like this are also making Indore exemplary in being eco-friendly.

60 to 70% success rate of transplanted trees

Officials share that the trees are being transplanted with great care for a successful relocation. After being removed, the roots are treated with manure and vitamins. In order to move them, the root balls are wrapped into sacks or gunny bags.

IMC is keeping a close check on the transplanted trees for at least 2 to 3 months to ensure that they adapt to their new homes. Once new shoots start to appear, the plants are considered successfully transplanted. Officials have shared that the success rate of transplanted trees is around 60 to 70%.

Ahead of this year’s Swachh Survekshan, IMC took many steps employing the ‘waste to best’ approach to beautify the city. Stones wrapped in waste metal meshes, murals on walls using waste plastic caps and etc. were part of this cleanliness and beautification drive. Now with replanted trees, the city will not only look well kept but also greener. Commuters stopping at traffic lights will also find some comfort in the shade that these trees will offer.

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