Take the Janapav Kuti trek near Indore for a soul-cleansing day out in the wilderness

Take the Janapav Kuti trek near Indore for a soul-cleansing day out in the wilderness

Standing at an altitude of 881 meters, Janapav Kuti is the highest mountain peak of the Vindhyachal range.

Located about an hour's drive from Indore, and surrounded on all sides by dense forests, Janapav Kuti is one of the many lesser-known spots around the city that offers unspoiled scenic beauty along with natural mountain trails, making it especially popular among trekkers and hikers. A favorite of nature lovers, the place also holds importance in Hindu mythology.

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From a diverse variety of bird species to the sun playing peek-a-boo through the trees, the trek from the base point to the top of this peak is sure to provide the perfect break from the blaring horns and cacophony of the concrete jungle. And once you reach the summit and soak in the breathtaking view of the valley from the top, the only regret you'll have will be not coming sooner.

This could be the perfect weekend getaway near Indore, especially for the adventurous souls residing in the city. Monsoon is the best time to go for the Janapav Kuti trek to experience the vibrant greenery of the surrounding forest while avoiding the oppressive summer heat. But if you want a glimpse of the local culture and join in on their celebration, the first full moon after Diwali is the perfect time to visit, when the whole of Janapav participates in the grand Karthik Purnima fair held there.

Janapav Kuti trek; Do's and Don'ts 

For the ones among us who aren't experienced trekkers, there are a few things to keep in mind when going on the Janapav Kuti trek. First of all, you can't trek in your new pair of sneakers, howsoever sturdy they might appear. So, don't forget to carry trekking-appropriate footwear and do carry umbrellas and raincoats if you're visiting during monsoon. And if you choose to explore the forest, stay close to your group and apply some mosquito-repellant cream.

A pair of binoculars will also come in handy to make sure you don't miss out on Janapav's varied flora and fauna, with its rich ayurvedic potencies and diverse wildlife in all its glory. So, if an uphill trek surrounded by lush greenery is your idea of the perfect weekend, do take the Janapav Kuti trek for a soul-cleansing and mind-refreshing day in nature's lap.

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