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Terming beggary as her "family profession" Indore beggar reveals she made 2.5L in 45 days

The collective possessions that the family holds comprise a home, land, vehicles, smartphones, among other electronic devices in various cities.

Could you guess the average income of an Indian? It falls somewhere in the beginning of the 2-3 LPA bracket. Well, here's an instance of going from rags to riches.

In a rather bizarre incident, a female beggar from Indore made an insane ₹2.5 lakh in 45 days. As per this figure, the annual income of this individual (with her family) is estimated to be more than ₹20 lakh and begging is her "family profession". The collective possessions that the family holds comprise a two-storeyed home, agricultural land, vehicles, smartphones, among numerous electronic devices in various cities. 

P.S. Taxpayers in India earning that sort of income lie in the top 1.3% lot of the population. 10% of earners make around 12 lakhs per year.

The beggar, who was arrested recently, has a family of five, including her husband and three children. One seven-year-old daughter, forced into the crime by her mother, was also rescued by the officials and rehabilitated at a child-care home. The remaining three fled the scene, after the five were discovered begging at Indore's Bhawrasla Square (or Luv Kush Square).

The family's income and other possessions came to light during an ongoing assessment in the city to make Indore beggar-free. The DA, revealing there are some 7,000 people engaged in beggary in the MP capital, with half of them being minors, is ramping up efforts to rescue children and provide them education. The initiative aims at rescuing the people in beggar rackets and provide facilities to the needy.

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