The eco-friendly approach towards environmental protection at Holkar Stadium in Indore

The eco-friendly approach towards environmental protection at Holkar Stadium in Indore

The stadium has hosted Zero Waste Events since 2015, promoting Sustainable Waste Management.

Indore's renowned Holkar Stadium is not only setting an exemplary standard in the field of sports but also establishing itself as a leader in environmental conservation in the country. This stadium has significantly contributed to the improvement of local groundwater levels in its vicinity. Moreover, it proudly holds the distinction of being the only stadium in the country to host zero-waste events since 2015. Taking another step forward, the stadium is now striving to generate its own electricity.

Interestingly, beneath the playing field of Holkar Stadium, approximately 12 wells have been constructed. These wells, along with the stadium's roof and galleries, facilitate the collection of rainwater, which then seeps into the ground. According to a survey conducted by the Madhya Pradesh Cricket Association (MPCA) in the previous session, approximately three crore liters of water had infiltrated the ground through this arrangement of wells.

Holkar Stadium's Zero Waste Events Revolution

To the goal of generating their own electricity, authorities are installing 200 kW solar panels on the roof of the stadium, with the deadline being the end of July. Upon completion of the installation, Holkar Stadium will be capable of meeting around 70 to 75 percent of its daily electricity needs. In the country, only a few international stadiums, including Bangalore and Mumbai, have similar arrangements.

What's interesting is that during matches, the wet waste generated is transformed into compost. The remaining waste is divided into two categories, recyclable and residual waste, through segregation. To spread awareness, special cloth-based posters are displayed around the stadium. These are later collected and distributed in reusable bags after the match.

This is an interesting method to promote sustainable waste management practices.

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