The newly launched Indore-Khajuraho Special Express  is here to make the travellers happy
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The newly launched Indore-Khajuraho Special Express is here to make the travellers happy

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Now you can go from Indore to Khajuraho on a direct express train. Western railways on Saturday launched the much awaited Indore-Khajurao-Indore express train which will make travelling from Indore to Khajuraho and back, a breeze.

What's the update?

The Western Railway on Saturday launched the much awaited Indore-Khajuraho express train. The train completed its maiden journey on Saturday, 16 Feb and was launched as a response to the many requests made by people to start a train on the said route.

For its maiden journey the Khajuraho to Indore train ran as a special train, number 09664, leaving Khajuraho at 10.50 am and reaching Indore at around 2 pm.

The Facts

The Indore Khajuraho Express, numbered 19663, will depart from Indore at 3.55 pm on every Monday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday and reach Khajuraho the next day at 6 am. While on its return journey the Khajuraho-Indore Express, numbered 19664, will depart from Khajuraho at 11 pm on every Sunday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and reach Indore at 1.30 pm the next day.

Fares: The ticket for sleeper class cost ₹340, third AC ₹930, second AC ₹1340 and first AC ₹2255.

Whom does it benefit?

The train is extremely beneficial for the people living in the two cities, Indore and Khajuraho. It will also benefit people who seek to travel and explore the entire state of Madhya Pradesh.

Why is it important?

The city of India, Khajuraho, has lacked connectivity with the rest of the country and this train is a big step towards in changing that. The train help with the overall development of both the areas. Because of direct connectivity, more tourists and travellers are expected to flock the temple city.

Knock Knock

The Indore Khajuraho Express train will provide a big relief to people travelling between the two cities. It will also prove to be a big step in the necessary much awaited overhaul of the Indian Railways.