Water rides and adventure on your mind this weekend? Visit THESE 5 water parks in Indore now

Water rides and adventure on your mind this weekend? Visit THESE 5 water parks in Indore now

Get your sunglasses on and sunscreens ready, for the pool is calling!

Summers are honestly long and boring- the heat doesn’t let you live your best life (that’s our generic excuse for laziness though) and how much more of mall strolling and home dates can you do?

It all gets so drab and dry that we constantly look for options to hype our summer weekends! So we’ve listed 5 water parks in Indore where you can spend your day by staying chill with your fam and friends.

Crescent Water Park

Considered to be the best waterpark of Indore by the people, Crescent Water Park is located 26 kms away from the city, it is easily accessible by road so prep for a long drive with blasting music and chill vibes. This place also has a resort and a restaurant so if you want to stay over for the night, it is doable. A Honey Infinity Pool- the largest one in Central India and there is also a shallow pool, especially for kids to have fun as well, will definitely take you by surprise.

Timings: Open on all days, 10am - 6pm (Water Park) and 11am - 8pm (Amusement Park)

Address: Crescent Water & Amusement Park Opp. Crescent Resort & Club, Sehore By-pass Road, National Highway, Sehore

Ticket: ₹350 (Water and Amusement Park) includes a free rent-able costume, although you can also purchase your costume too. You can ride some rides like Glider, Columbus, Mini Train etc. for free once inside the amusement park on this ticket. A towel and a locker costs ₹50 each.

Mayank Blue Water Park

This was the first water park in Madhya Pradesh which makes it the oldest of the lot. It is easily accessible by road and is half an hour away from the central city. It is a perfect getaway during a hot summer day and the kids will love it absolutely.

You can spend hours here by chilling in the pool and de-stressing at the sauna bath or you can ride one of the multiple slides here or just let loose to the latest beats at the disco arena. It even has a gaming area for the gamers so if you want to avoid the sun outside, just hop in here. There are a plethora of options to choose from for all so come here and grab your tickets!

Timings: Open on all days, 11am - 7pm

Address: Bengali Square, Indore Bypass Road, Bhicholi Mardana, Indore

Tickets: ₹250 for adults and ₹150 for kids. A costume and a locker would cost you ₹40 each so if you have any at home, bring them along!

Nakhrali Dhani Water Park

Nakhrali Dhani is a resort in Indore which provides you with a perfect blend of Rajasthani and Malvi Culture which is uncommon in the city. The moment you enter this resort, it’ll make you feel as if you’ve been teleported to a Rajasthani village. It is accessible by road so gear up for an experience like no other.

You can stay here for a night in one of their cottages and kick back and relax at the water park area during the day. There are rides for people of all age groups so it is an ideal weekend spot for families and friends! They also host puppet shows, magic shows, camel rides and so on and after the shows get over, you can choose your preferred dishes at their huge dining area.

Timings: Open on all days, 11am to 11pm

Address: Rau Road, Nakhrali Dhani Bypass, Opp. Railway Crossing, Rau, Indore

Tickets: Adults with height above 4 ft 3 inches: ₹490, Kids with height ranging from 3 ft to 4 ft 3 inches: ₹330, Water Park charges: ₹110, Kids below 3 ft: Free. This ticket also includes artist performances, welcome drinks, one meal and access to the disco arena!

Shell City Water and Adventure Park

Located at a distance of 8 kms from the central city, Shell City Water and Adventure Park is one of its kind. The greenery here helps you relax! Talking about the offerings- this popular park has a locker room facility, a gaming area, a spacious discotheque and even a restro-bar which offers multiple cuisines.

It also has a Giant Wheel in the premises which provides a magnificent view from the top so be ready with your cameras. For the more daring, the adventure park has facilities like rock climbing and zip lining so warm up before your charge up your adrenaline levels. There are also rooms available at the park which makes it perfect for a small getaway from the chaotic city life.

Timings: Open on all days, 10am to 7pm

Address: Khandwa Road, Indore

Tickets: ₹350 (Water Park) and ₹270 (Adventure Park) on weekdays and ₹400 (Water Park) and ₹270 (Adventure Park) on weekends. The ticket offers each person unlimited access to the water and adventure park so hellooo, summers!

Chokhi Dhani Resort

Chokhi Dhani is a resort that has many branches over North India and it claims to offer an authentic Rajasthani village experience along the lines of a water-park. This ethnic village resort has a disco arena, dining and conference facilities along with a stellar water park with state-of-the-art facilities.

The cottages are aesthetically adorned with an ethnic decor and to elevate the mood, they welcome you traditionally with aarti, tika, shehnai and nagada- how cool is that? The recreational space has water slides, a go-karting area, artificial waterfalls, rain dance facilities and a functional toy train.

Timings: Open on all days.

Address: 9 Mile, Khandwa Road, Datodafatha, Indore 9 Mile, Khandwa Road, Datodafatha, Indore

Tickets: ₹250 per person

So what we’re saying is that-

If you’re home this summer and have nothing to do, grab your sunglasses and sunscreens and head over to these places! And if some adventure is on your mind, then make use of this weekend and head here straight.

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