This vintage steam engine train takes you on a scenic ride through Patalpani & Kalakund in Indore
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This vintage steam engine train takes you on a scenic ride through Patalpani & Kalakund in Indore

Experience the natural grandeur of Patalpani & Kalakund on a vintage steam engine train

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Now you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Kalakund and Patalpani waterfalls and experience the majestic hills in Indore, all while riding a heritage train. Western Railways has recently introduced a steam engine service that would pull this vintage train back on the Kalakund-Patalpani track.

What's the update?

Western Railways has recently introduced a heritage train on the Patalpani-Kalakund track which will be pulled by a vintage steam engine. This step has been taken in order to promote tourism in the said area as well as to commemorate the heritage month. The railways is celebrating February as its heritage month, hence the locomotive ran a ceremonial run this Tuesday.

The Facts

Introduced in the December of 2018, the Kalakund-Patalpani rail section in a 9 km long track that has now been converted into a broad gauge. The railway ministry introduced this train in order to preserve the meter-gauge rail line of the British era.

This heritage train leads passengers through 29 sharp curves and four tunnels while they enjoy the spectacular view of lush green mountain ranges and stunning waterfalls.

You can get aboard on a journey of the beautiful hills from Dr. Ambedkar Nagar Station (along the Indore highway) at 11.05 am. The train will then reach Kalakund at 1.25 pm and start at Kalakund at 2.55 pm, finally terminating at Dr. Ambedkar Nagar at 3.40 pm.

Why is it important?

The train is not only ‘interesting’ for people who have a Sheldon Cooper level love for small gauge engines it is also a celebrated heritage infrastructure. The train will preserve the lost charm of steam engines while and take tourists on a ride through nature. It will also promote tourism of hidden gems like Kalakund and Patalpani.

Knock Knock

If you’re looking for something different than the usual often boring weekend activities, you can opt for the train ride. The heritage train ride is not only extremely interesting and fun but will also prove to be an exhilarating experience. People of Indore can now go to a regular Patalpani excursion but experience the familiar in a new way!