Timekeeper from Indore! Meet the man behind this amazing collection of 650 unique clocks & watches

Timekeeper from Indore! Meet the man behind this amazing collection of 650 unique clocks & watches

Anil Bhalla has a Limca World Record for the collection of over 650 antique clocks & watches

When you think about having plenty of time, this man from Indore took it quite literally. Indore-based Anil Bhalla has a collection of around 650 antique clocks and watches, some even date back to the 1800s. These clocks and watches are spread all over the walls of his house and in a dedicated room. Surprisingly, all the clocks are in working condition!

Efforts from three generations

The collection of over 650 clocks and watches is the result of the efforts made by generations. He mentioned that "most of these clocks were collected by his grandfather, then later his father joined the task to keep it going and now I am taking forward the legacy of my father and grandfather." Additionally, in 2013, Bhalla was also able to register his name in the Limca Book World Records for this unique collection.

Over time, Bhalla has collected clocks of all shapes and sizes, with or without pendulums. These antique clocks need special maintenance and preservation, for which Bhalla calls artisans from Mumbai and Chennai. In an attempt to preserve the years of efforts, he desires his house to be converted into a museum if the next generation can't take care of the clocks as he did.

I would tell the generations after me that if you can't handle it, then lock it in a safe or preserve it into a museum.
Anil Bhalla

Bhalla's love for old and antique items is quite visible. As he also mentions his love for collecting old fans, bikes, and lamps. "I have old fans which earlier used to have a wooden lamp and three blades. Also, I have a World War II bicycle, and also an old BMW bike which is in working condition," said Anil Bhalla.

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