To celebrate World Vada Pav Day, head to these 5 places in Indore!

To celebrate World Vada Pav Day, head to these 5 places in Indore!

On this World Vada Pav Day, we bring you 5 places where you can enjoy this delicious snack in Indore.

Vada Pav found it's origins in Maharashtra, yet Indoris can never lag behind when it comes to street food. Get lost in the flavours of this delightful Marathi snack and say "Khup Chhan".

On this World Vada Pav Day, we bring you 5 places in Indore, where you can relish this delish grub.

JMD Vada Pav

You can't afford to skip JMD Vada Pav. They are renowned for serving the absolute finest vada pavs you can find. What's neat is that their variations offer the perfect balanced of spices. The vada pav is spicy enough to provide that signature kick, but not overwhelming to the point that it masks the other flavors.

Location- Bombay Hospital, Indore.

Cost- ₹ 50 per order

Vada Pav Junction

Another spot to gorge on this snack is Vada Pav Junction, quite a rage in town! With a passion for preserving the essence of this iconic Indian snack, Vada Pav Junction has mastered the art of crafting vada pavs that capture the authentic flavors and textures cherished by vada pav fans.

Where- 54, Near Kasturisabha Grah, Vijay Nagar, Indore

Cost- ₹100 for two people (approx.)

Mumbai Vada Pav

Mumbai Vada Pav in Indore is another delightful destination for vada pav enthusiasts, offering a range of mouthwatering vada pav variations such as Cheese vada Pav, Vada Pav with Garlic/ Tandoori Mayonnaise alongside the classic vada pav.

Where- 34/4, Bholaram Ustad Marg, Bhawar Kuan, Indore

Cost- ₹50 for one order (approx.)

WOW Vada Pav

WOW Vada Pav brings a fun twist to this traditional Indian snack. From classic vada pav to creative variations, WOW Vada Pav delivers a flavorful experience that keeps you coming back for more. So, the next time you want to have a tempting grub, remember its punchline, "Vada Pav bole to WOW".

Where- A-20, Rajat Jayanti Complex, Vijay Nagar, Riddhi Siddhi restaurant, Indore.

Cost- ₹50 per head ( approx.)

Pavino Vada Pav and Cafe

Claiming to be "Mumbai chaa asli vada pav" and with a dedication to preserve the traditional flavors of this iconic Indian snack, Pavino Vado Pav and Cafe promises an exciting journey into the world of Vada Pav. This cafe offers a wide array of vada pav options, including the Classic Vada Pav, Butter Vada Pav, and Schezwan Vada Pav, among others.

Where- Shop No. 6,HDFC bank atm, Maharaja Agrasen sqr, Below Meera Chemist, Indore.

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