Unique facts about Indore that YOU need to know!

Unique facts about Indore that YOU need to know!

Did you know of these lesser-known facts about Indore?

Indore is an amazing city, the economic capital of Madhya Pradesh and a technological hub. Indoris are passionate about the city and the things related to it. There’s no match for the city’s culture, the various delicacies and cleanliness all around.

So, if you are an Indori or someone visiting the city, here are some amazing facts about the beloved city that might surprise you or simply make you proud.

Extended Holi Celebrations

We all know and are familiar with the beautiful and colourful festival of holi but Indore celebrates holi like no other city. The fifth day of holi is called rang panchmi and on this day, people in Indore come together for the biggest and the most fun gathering ever! With gulal in the air, colours all around, people are showered with water through a huge cannon. Imagine Spain’s Tomatina Festival-esque gathering, only prettier.


If you aren’t an Indori, you might not be aware of the massive 14 feet robotic traffic policeman that sits at the busy Barfani Dham intersection. This unique robocop is surely a fascinating sight to behold. Since it’s inception in 2017, the robocop has been present at the intersection to manage traffic in a streamlined fashion. Acting both, like a traffic signal and a traffic cop, the robocop rotates about its axis and moves its arms.

Also, since it is as perceptive as an actual cop, it records all the happenings around the intersection. The recordings are transmitted live to the main police control room and traffic rule breakers are immediately sent an e-challan.

Dancing Cop

Much more famous and adored than the high-tech Robocop is the dancing traffic cop Ranjeet Singh. Nothing less than an icon for the city, Ranjeet has been dancing to streamline traffic from the past decade. He is known for moonwalking his way through the traffic.

Kaanch Mandir

Indore is the home to a unique one of its kind temple Kanch Mandir. The temple, if not apparent from its name, is entirely built from glass and mirrors on the inside. The temple complex is decked from floor to ceiling in over hundreds and thousands of pieces of reflective glass. The variety of glasses used are intricate, elaborate and extravagant, some reflective, some colourful, all plastered over the entire temple. The temple is a well known place of worship for people who follow Jainism all over the world.

Chhatri Bagh

Located on the banks of Khan River, Chhatri Bagh is an entire stretch of land dedicated to antique cenotaphs. The ‘Chhatris’ or cenotaphs were built in memory of the Holkar dynasty, the rulers and their families. This is not only a Maratha architectural masterpiece but work of art that exemplifies history like no other. Decorated with stunning frescoes, the cenotaph made in memory of the founder of the Holkar dynasty, Malhar Rao Holkar I, is the largest & most impressive one.

Cricket World Cup Trophy Statue

Indore’s obsession with cricket and everything that is related to cricket knows no bound. The biggest proof of this craze is the 35 ft statue of the 2011 World Cup trophy. The huge statue was made to honor the Indian cricket team and India’s victory in the 2011 World Cup. Unveiled in 2014 it cost the Indore Development Authority (IDA) over ₹12 Lakh and took about a year to be constructed. The statue is placed at the Pipliyahana Square and is made of an iron skeleton entirely overlaid with fibre. Made by local sculptors Mahendra Kodwani and Ajay Punyasi the trophy is 30 ft tall and stands on a 5 ft pedestal.

So if you were unaware of these amazing facts or if you know more things about the wonderful city, do let us know in the comments section below.

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