Upgrade your gifting game with these meaningful Christmas gift ideas & tips

Upgrade your gifting game with these meaningful Christmas gift ideas & tips

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Besides sipping on hot cocoa, Mariah Carey songs playing the background, smell of fresh bakes, Christmas is synonymous to a heavy load of gift-giving. But the problem is often what to give? So to help you out we‘ve curated a list of best Christmas gifts to take along that are truly thoughtful and quite under budget!

Long-lasting scented Candles

Christmas is easily our favourite holiday of the season and it's now only a couple of days away, which can mean only one thing— it’s time to light up the space. So for a person who loves candles, what better gift to take along than a couple of long-lasting scented candles. Once the candle burns out,, one can also refill the base with some wax and relight or use it as a cup in their kitchenware. A pretty good win-win right?

A thought provoking book

A book can be a well thought and meaningful gift to give someone. It is only but an extension of your love for that person. There have been thousands of tales written that celebrate spirit of the holidays and some that signify the joy of giving in Christmas. 'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott or Collection of Short Stories by Ruskin Bond are some options you can start with.

Hand-made Christmas cards

Receiving an annual Christmas card is a sweet reminder that you're important to someone — whether it comes with a sentimental message or an adorable family photo. However, we suggest you get rid of the generic holiday cards that everyone sends out. Instead, personalise yours with an incredibly cute hand-drawn design. Whether it accompanies some freshly baked cookies or dangles off of an equally special homemade ornament, your craft project will certainly get noticed.

A soft, melt-in-the-mouth Plum Cake

There is no way one can talk about Christmas without mentioning the sweet delicacies that comes along with it! Yes, we are talking about the delicious plum cakes, a delicacy which is perfect for Christmas gift! You can also pair it with a bottle of wine too and hello, favourite guest or what?

Flavoured popcorn 

Watching Christmas movies is an unspoken ritual for almost everyone. As our favourite time of the year rolls around, a heavy dose of iconic, hallmark Christmas movies like Home Alone and Polar Express is mandatory. So why not gift your special someone a huge tub of flavoured popcorn that they can devour on their next movie marathon.

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