When in Indore, here's what you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & everything in between!

When in Indore, here's what you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner & everything in between!

Take a much-needed food break or a cheat day, plan your breakfast, lunch & dinner with these traditionally made food items in Indore.

Welcome to the city of foodies- Indore! This city is known for many things but undoubtedly, what is most captivating is the food. Be it street food, or multi-course meals, drinks, desserts and whatnot, the main ingredients are always Indori's love and passion for food. There's something new to try out at every corner, so what are you waiting for?

Read on to know what you can eat in Indore for breakfast, lunch, dinner and those mid-day cravings too.

Poha for breakfast

The first thing that comes to mind when you think about food in Indore is Poha. It is, indeed, the breakfast of champions. It’s simple, filling and even gets past the picky eaters. It’s the right amount of sweet and salty, soft and crunchy, especially when topped with fried peanuts and sev, and the lemon squeezed on top gives you a hit of tang. Poha is available literally everywhere in the city, because here in Indore, we believe breakfast doesn’t have to be a challenge.

Where to find?

  • Sahab ke Pohe, Old Palasia

  • Prashant Restaurant, Jail Road, Rajwada, Navratan Bagh

Aloo ki Kachori and Benjos for brunch

Kachoris are all almost the same, but many versions this traditional snack are already available in the market. The thing about Indore ki kachoris is that they’re not just filled with one particular filling like aloo or pyaz. Kachoris here are a filled with Aloo, pyaz, spices, chutney all at the same time. Some top it off with misal, others with chhole, sev, dahi and at least three types of chutneys.

If you want something you can eat on the go, there’s no better option than good old benjos, more specifically egg benjos. Egg fried between the softest, most airy buns you’ll ever lay your hands on is what makes a benjo the perfect brunch food. There are places that have experimented with benjo fillings, but nothing beats a good ol' egg benjo.

Where to find?

  • Aloo ki Kachori - Laal Balti ki Kachori, Lalbagh and Rajendra Nagar

  • Benjos - Johnny Hot Dog, Chappan

Can’t go wrong with Daal Bafle for lunch

It would be a civil offence if you to come to MP’s Malwa region and not have Daal Bafle. This unique variant of the Rajasthani Daal Baati stands out for good reason. It is filling, which makes it perfect for lunch. Unlike baati, bafle are first boiled and then put into ovens or on charcoal. Another dissimilarity is that it’s simpler- instead of a Panchmel Daal (served with Baati), bafle are served with a preparation of Toor daal.

Where to find?

  • Rajhans Dal Bafle, Sarafa

  • Rajkamal Bhojnalay near Ranjeet Hanuman Mandir

  • Shri Hari Om Dhaba, Reti Mandi Road

Get your hands on Garadu & Bhutte ki Kees for your evening snack

Once you’re done with lunch, you might want to have a light snack on your day out in Indore. Head straight to a Garadu cart. Who would have thought a boring root veggie can be turned into the perfect bite sized snack. Tossed in with namak, mirchi and chat masala, Garadu is is zesty and tangy. Another street food that is equally easy and yet so delicious snack is Bhutte ki Kees.

Grated corn garnished with grated coconut and spiced to perfection is served in a small bowl. These two might be the healthiest food items on this list and maybe on the streets of Indore.

Where to find?

Multiple shops and carts at Sarafa, Chappan Dukan, etc.

Shikanji & Kulfi: A savior from this summer heat

If you gravitate towards a cooler option, nothing beats Shikanji and Nema Kulfi as a quick refresher. Nema Kulfi has countless flavours of kulfi- from seasonal fruit flavours to all time favourites, if you can think of it, they have it. And what do you think about when you hear the word Shikanji? Lemons? Well in case of Indore, its not true. What you're looking at is a rich concoction of milk, dry fruits and sweetness topped with kesar and crushed elaichi. *Chef's kiss*

Where to find?

Multiple shops and carts at Sarafa, Chappan Dukan, etc.

Wrap your day with a scrumptious meal of Sev-Tamatar and Naan for dinner

Another dish that would be an absolute crime to miss out on would be Sev Tamatar ki Sabzi. Pair it with Naan and you’d be in food heaven. The preparation of this amazing looking dish is simpler than you’d imagine, after preparing the rich tomato gravy you just add Indori Laung Sev to the pot and it’s done. Sev really is the superfood for Indore, appears to be that you can have it as a side or a topping with every meal of the day. You can find this ultimate combination in almost every restaurant in the city.

Where to find?

Multiple outlets of Gurukripa Restaurants, Apna Sweets, Ridhhi Siddhi Restaurant, etc.

Whenever you visit the city, brace yourselves for an adventurous ride of taste and flavour. Let us know what food item you like best in the city. Follow us on Instagram for more.

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