Why a true Indorean can never hear Jack about  Johny Hot Dog!
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Why a true Indorean can never hear Jack about Johny Hot Dog!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

What do you think when you hear “Hot Dogs”? Well.. Do you think of a classic fluffy roll slit in half with a sausage in the center that is doused in ketchup and mustard? Honestly, you’re not an Indorean.

A true Indorean thinks of fluffy buns, mutton and eggs benjo as soon as they hear hot dogs and Johny Hot Dog is the one to blame!

Why a true Indorean can never hear Jack about  Johny Hot Dog!

W know, a hot dog should ideally consist of a long roll and sausages, sometimes with mustard, other times with horse radish. True, but not for the people of Indore.

People of Indore have come to love and know only one hot dog and it is JOHNY. Supple round buns, toasted on a huge tava (griddle), glazed with a spicy mint chutney and containing the filling of your choice: veggies, the Indori classic egg benjo, mutton or mutton egg benjo. Simple as that.

Located at Chappan Dukan- New Palasia, Johny Hot Dog does not give you 120 options, but what it does give, is a simple menu that will always leave you satisfied.

Why a true Indorean can never hear Jack about  Johny Hot Dog!

This old joint is so true to its taste that you can savour the exact same flavours every single time you visit them. When you bite into the fluffy buns, the chutney hits you before anything else, then the crunchy onions work as a great texture addition while the oh-so-delectable filling comes at the end, but is everything you would want it to be: soft, gooey and scrumptious. The entire “hot dog” has a great mouth feel and big flavours.

Again, you hot dog Nazi’s out there must be unnerved by the description of the dish, but we think that an Indorean Hot Dog is the best kind of hot dog and you cannot convince us otherwise. The kind of love and dedication Vijay Bhai, the founder of this little joint has put in- to make Johny a household name, is just commendable. If you’re lucky you can still find him sitting at his spot and flipping crispy buns or delicious patties.

Plus Johny Hot Dog always gives you amazing food at the most reasonable prices, their veg hot dog is ₹25, the egg benjo ₹30, the mutton ₹30 and the egg and mutton benjo ₹60. You will not find food that is so worth your buck and this yummy anywhere in Indore.

So, if you’re in Indore and you crave hot dogs, don’t try to find the regular, be a little experimental and go for Johny’s.

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