Why Indore is India's Cleanest City: Anand Mahindra shares insightful video

Why Indore is India's Cleanest City: Anand Mahindra shares insightful video

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Anand Mahindra, the Chairman of Mahindra, recently shared a video on X.com (Twitter) praising the efforts and dedication of Indore residents in maintaining the city's cleanliness.

The video, originally posted by a foreign vlogger who visited Indore's renowned food hub, 56 Dukaan, showcased locals picking up dropped food from the streets and disposing of it in bins. Additionally, dedicated bins are installed along the stretch and are being properly utilized by the community. Anand Mahindra reshared the video with a caption expressing his hopeful vision: "Cannot help dreaming: If this were to be replicated throughout the country..."

The tweet from Mahindra, shared yesterday, has since gained 241.2K views, over 800 reshares, and hundreds of comments.

Indore has earned the prestigious title of 'Cleanest City of India' an impressive seven times in a row, maintaining its streak even this year. This achievement speaks volumes about the remarkable sanitation standards upheld in Indore, and it's not solely attributed to the efforts of the civic authorities.

Rather, it's the collective dedication of the locals that significantly contributes to the city's cleanliness. From diligently segregating waste to ensuring clean streets and enthusiastically participating in cleanliness drives, the commitment of Indore's residents has played a pivotal role in upholding the city's praiseworthy sanitation standards.

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