With 11 new cases in a day, Indore Covid numbers rise up to 39

With 11 new cases in a day, Indore Covid numbers rise up to 39

This is the first time since 2022 that the daily cases have exceeded 10.

Indore has recently reported 11 fresh Covid cases after half a year, which has pushed the number of current active cases in the district up to 39. Currently, out of the 11 cases, 2 are undergoing proper treatment in view of the severity of the situation.

The age group that this new strain appears to be affecting ranges between 8 years, all the way up to 90 years. Of the 11 new cases, 7 are women and the remaining 4 are men, according to available records.

New Covid strain on the rise in Indore

This district has had a new coronavirus strain popping up over the course of the last month. Thankfully though, the number of active cases has not surpassed the double-digit mark, yet. The highest spike before these 11 new cases was noted to be at 10, way back in September of 2022.

The district nodal officer for Covid-19, Dr. Amit Malakar, stated that these new cases were all reported to have originated from private facilities, where patients either had gotten themselves tested or had done so under the prescription of a doctor.

Dr. Malakar further informed that a letter has been issued and sent to all private hospitals, including pathological centres, to provide a list of all available facilities, in detail, for the purpose of informing the higher authorities.

At its highest, during the second wave, the district had 10,000 active beds, inclusive of oxygen and ICU beds. The authorities concerned had installed 11 new public facilities and 40 PSA plants, which combined had the capacity of producing 58.05 metric tonnes in a day. Now, the the sudden spike, authorities have urged residents to take precautions.

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