With a vibrant past, here’s why 56 Dukaan in Indore is every foodie's favourite

With a vibrant past, here’s why 56 Dukaan in Indore is every foodie's favourite

The shops here have been frequently visited by film stars such as Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan

Indore's famous 56 Dukaan is a destination that should be on every foodie's bucket list. Strolling through these lanes with your friends and family, binging on your favourite food items is an experience to be had, because Chappan Dukaan has an unmatched vibe to it.

As the name suggests, 56 Dukaan in Indore has a whopping fifty-six shops catering to your every food craving. Since this place is a cornerstone of Indore, we went ahead to find out how it actually came into existence and traced back it's origins and history.

How did the place get it’s name - 56 Dukaan?

Chappan Dukaan, which translates to 56 shops, is an assortment of 56 outlets that run along both sides of ‘Chappan Gali’. Reverberating with an energy of its own, the place is flocked to by children and adults alike. But why is this place even called 56 Dukaan

When the market originally came into existence, there were actually 56 shops here! Even back then, they were all food centric. Subsequently, some of the shop owners sold their shops to the next-door retailers, who wished for more space. Even today, if you count the number of pillars between the shops, you'll actually see that there are exactly 56 shops, each numbered.

56 Dukaan is a holy grail for every foodie 

From breakfast to dinner, you name it and the place has it. The dukaans here open at six in the morning to serve you an amazing breakfast spread. Ranging from poha and aloo-puri to chai-samosa and then some, there are options galore. 

Along with crazy breakfast options, you can also binge on a multitude of other delicacies here. The offerings range from hotdogs to pizzas, pani-puri to pav-bhaji and of course the fan-favourite momos. If these don’t catch your fancy, you can also try out bhutte-ka-kees, varieties of benjos and various kachoris too.

But wait, that’s not all! You can enjoy lip-smacking sweets too at one of the many famous sweet shops here. Above all, the place also has a casual sitting setup, which puts you in the heart of the market’s hustle-bustle. In fact, this is also a small slice of the night life in Indore.

56 Dukaan has made your binge spree easy! Make sure that you are here before 10:00 PM, cause that’s when the shops close their shutters.

Carrying forward Indore's drive to cleanliness

Keeping up with Indore’s cleanliness drive, the place is actually anti-plastic and the vendors here do not use any disposables for serving customers. This is just one of the many reasons why 56 Dukaan is an ideal street food paradise. If ever in Indore, be sure not to miss this incredible market, and the locals already know what we are talking about.

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