Women police officers in Indore lauched the female safety awareness drive ‘Ehsas’

Women police officers in Indore lauched the female safety awareness drive ‘Ehsas’

Women police officers paid a visit to young girls in Lalbagh slums to raise awareness about good touch and bad touch.

In an attempt to raise awareness about their safety and make them aware of appropriate socialising standards. Four policewomen from the women’s police station visited slum settlements in the Lalbagh area and interacted with girls aged 5 to 12 years. In addition to imparting knowledge about identifying good touch and bad touch, the young girls were also told to report incidents of harassment to their families, teachers or the police.

The awareness drive was conducted under the Indore police’s new initiative ‘Ehsas’. The motive of the drive was to educate female children about their own safety and about reassuring them that help is provided on reporting.

Simple language and cordial attitude to put across an important message

The officers’ approach to spreading awareness was simple, straightforward and effective. They made use of simple language to make the girls understand the difference between good touch and bad touch. Additionally, they also welcomed questions and queries from the girls and answered them accordingly.

Child abuse is a major issue which may leave drastic and lifelong impact. A large number of children subjected to this are below six years of age. Aiming to make kids aware of such incidents, the officers also shed lights on how to avoid such situations.

  • By not trusting people blindly, since anyone, anywhere can be a threat.

  • Only adhering to the help by guardians and police when in need.

Towards the end, the officers also handed out chocolates and candies before parting which made the children’s experience even more comfortable.

A step like this is important for the pressing need of starting a conversation between children and their guardians. The threat on women's safety is always at a high in our country. The number of harassment and rape incidents reported on a daily basis is already appalling while an even larger number of incidents go unreported and unnoticed.

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