WOW or WHY? Which side are you on Indore's green chilli Ice cream?

WOW or WHY? Which side are you on Indore's green chilli Ice cream?

This unorthodox Ice cream variant has left foodies on social media, and us, divided!

Foodies in Indore would all agree on Sarafa Bazaar being the best street food hub in the city. But out of that same street food market has come out an unorthodox hari mirch ice cream (green chilli ice cream) that has left foodies divided. Some are loving the experiment, while others are asking for a special dislike button to discourage this unique fusion!

Video of this unique Ice cream in Indore has gone viral

Ever since the video of the street food vendor in Indore's Sarafa bazaar preparing 'Jhannat Mirch Ice Cream' went viral, foodies have taken to social media to let their views be known. As for the journey of taste this unique ice cream takes you on, the initial spice of chilli is followed by the sweetness of rich chocolate sauce, complemented by coconut shavings.

A huge chunk of those commenting on the viral video, though, weren't quite as interested in this unique journey of taste. They seemed to be treating Indore's green chilli ice cream like the baffling chocolate Maggi and other ridiculous fusions street food vendors have come up with in the past.

So, which side are you on of these unique fusion of the sweet and spicy? Do let us know!

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