5 Places in Jaipur where you can catch the live World Cup screening

5 Places in Jaipur where you can catch the live World Cup screening

The cricket world cup, that one game Indian’s wait for four long years is finally here and we are all bleeding blue. This is the perfect season to avoid the company, hide away from society and ignore all your responsibilities in the name of cricket. Yet, we all have friends and we all have “plans” that cannot be ignored.

So what then? Do we let the game be? Well No. To make matters easier, several pubs and bars across the city screen the matches live, on big AF screens so that you don’t miss even a minute of the excitement. So if you have plans that cannot be cancelled and places to be, people to meet, we suggest you head to these five places in Jaipur.

Farzi Cafe

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Known party destination of the city, Farzi Cafe is a cafe-bar that people around the country cannot get enough of. Known for its amazing cocktail selection, kickass fusion food and the electric vibe, Farzi is the place to be if you want to party the night, yet don’t wish to miss the match. Order a few cocktails, nosh on some delicious grub and simply chill.

Location: Radisson Jaipur City Center, Khasa Kothi Circle, MI Road


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This quirky place is known its out of the box name and the chill vibe. The place has a rustic decor and a comfortable feel to it and we cannot seem to get up once we sit down on the cocoon like sofas. The pizza and cigar roll here are legendary and we can never have enough of their classic tandoori dishes and all the Indian grub. Order a few beers, a pizza and have yourself the most chill hangout session.

Location: Traditional Haveli, AC-4C, Gayatri Marg, Bani Park

Akh Bar

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Known for its stunning interiors and elegant decor Akh Bar is the place to be if you’re craving a strong drink and some good food. Get yourself some chicken satay, pasta, a good pizza pie and order a few drinks to completely immerse in the cricket obsession. Akh Bar even has an offer on LIITs so you surely won’t go thirsty.

Location: Floor 6, Sarovar Premiere, Sahakar Marg, Tonk Road

Karma Rooftop Lounge

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Karma Rooftop Lounge is a simplistic place where you can grab a quick drink and great food. Accentuate each six with a gulp of your favourite drink, have a bite of the pizza to celebrate the fours and let the cricket frenzy wash over you. We would recommend ordering a few beers, the grilled chicken with lemon butter, honey chilli potatoes and the chicken tikka pizza.

Loation: Hotel Bluebird, 349, Lane 1, Raja Park

Scorpio- A Pub City

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Scorpio is truly a whimsical place. The colours, decor and the live DJ would make you feel like you’ve entered a 90’s club, all swanky and bright. These people even have a world cup special menu, so you know that beers and finger food isn’t your only option here. We suggest you get the”team budget combo” with 6 beer pints, seasoned peanuts, chicken tikka, roasted papad and pizza.

Location: 6th Floor, Sunny Paradise, Near Kamal and Company, Tonk Road

Don’t let plans, parties and even friends spoil the fun of cricket season for you. Head to these places, enjoy company, a good drink, great food and foremost the match of your favourite team.

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