5 Places to dine at this Christmas in Jaipur!

5 Places to dine at this Christmas in Jaipur!

Christmas is the day of joy, of love, laughter and merriment. It is also a day that you share with your loved ones, the people that are close to your heart and what better way to spread the laughter than over a few drinks and warm food.

So, here’s a list of our favourite places in Jaipur you can visit with your friends and family and spread the holiday cheer!

The Night Jar

5 Places to dine at this Christmas in Jaipur!

This futuristic restaurant is one of its kind. The simple and open interiors of this place are beautiful enough to attract people but the food they serve is a real game changer. You are sure to love the Alfredo pasta, Sindhi Mutton, Mongolian Rice and Noodles and the amazing selection of cocktails.

Price for two: ₹ 900

Location: 3rd Floor, Leisure Inn Grand Chanakya, Panch Batti, MI Road, Jaipur

Jaipur Bar Stock Exchange

5 Places to dine at this Christmas in Jaipur!

If a drink is what you’re looking for, Jaipur Bar Stock Exchange is where you should be. When the prices of drinks go down, order your pick and enjoy paying pennies on the dollar for your liquor. Booze, good food and amazing music, makes this the place to be.

Price for two: ₹ 1500

Location: Grand Uniara, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Near Trimurti Circle

Citrus Cafe- Lemon Tree

5 Places to dine at this Christmas in Jaipur!

The best thing about Citrus Cafe is its simple interiors and the delicious food. Food at Citrus Cafe is presented in the most simple forms, stripped off the pretense; the real taste and flavours of good ingredients shine here. If yummy salads, classic omelettes and a lavish breakfast buffet is what you’re craving, be sure to visit Citrus cafe.

Price for two: ₹ 1500

Location: Lemon Tree Premier, City Plaza, Nirwan Marg, Bani Park, Jaipur

La Palma Cafe and Lounge Bar

5 Places to dine at this Christmas in Jaipur!

La Palma Cafe is one of the most beautiful and cozy places you’ll visit in Jaipur. The cafe almost looks other worldly because of all the white that has been so cleverly used. The interiors here will charm your senses and the food will send them into over-drive. the seafood risotto, bruschettas, pasta and pizza will instantly transform you to the streets of Rome and the superb cocktails will instantly get you in mood.

Price for two: ₹ 1400

Location: The Hotel Garden View, Subhash Marg, Near Ahinsa Circle, C Scheme


5 Places to dine at this Christmas in Jaipur!

Isobar is the kind of place that exudes warmth, the interiors of this place will instantly fill you with comfort. This place is known for its outstanding cocktails, yummy biryani, succulent saffron chicken, onion rings and pizza. Isobar is the perfect place for all the merriment and fun.

Price for two: ₹ 1200

Location:1st Floor, Hotel Bella Casa, Ashram Marg, Tonk Road, Jaipur

So make sure to head out to any one of the awesome places and have yourself a merry little Christmas!