5 YouTube Vlogs you need to watch to experience the beauty of Jaipur!

5 YouTube Vlogs you need to watch to experience the beauty of Jaipur!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Jaipur is the ‘City of Kings’, ‘The Pink City’, the city that is truly royal and ethereal, Jaipur is also on the top of most people’s travel bucket list. Who wouldn’t want to visit the colorful city? Yet often because of time, family, money or just life, travelling takes a backseat.

Which is why we have a list of 5 travel Vlogs that you need to see to experience the beauty of the city.

Scherzade Shroff

Scherzade Shroff is India’s favorite fashion and lifestyle blogger, she has been making youtube videos since a very long time about fashion, food, her life and shopping. So if you are a fan of shopping and appreciate finer things in life, you should totally check her videos out. You’ll find yourself getting swept away in the beauty of of the pink side of the city.

Vega Brothers

Vega Brothers make videos that are larger than life. They create vlogs that are so beautifully captured and thought through that it’s difficult to find flaws in them. In this video the brothers have very cleverly shot some of the most scenic views through their drone cameras. So give the video a watch and enjoy the best of Jaipur from a foreigner’s perspective.

Mark Wiens

If you are a fan of food and travelling you really should follow Mark Wiens and lose sight of the world in the fun and colorful videos he creates. His travelling style differs from other people because, in his words, he travels for food. From trying out junk from the most un-touristy of street stalls to dining in luxurious palaces, with Mark you can travel the world like a real foodie does.

Travel Vlog IV

Ivana Perkovic is a Dutch who fell heads over heels in love with India and kept coming back to the country until she finally moved to the city of Bangalore. Her videos don’t always show the bright side of travelling, she shares real experiences and feelings she has while travelling. From being cat-called to being treated like a family member and a princess, watch her video to understand real kind of travelling.


CupofTJ is a quintessential traveler, she is cute as a button and likes to see everything with an Instagram filter in her eyes. Hence, the picturization of all her vlogs are very beautifully done, her style of vlogging is the old ‘gives-you-joy-to-look-at’. Her shots and transitions are especially awe-worthy. Give her videos a watch and savor her camera worthy life.

So, get lost in the mesmerizing city of Jaipur through these vlogs and enjoy your kind of travel without even lifting a finger.