A new flight to connect Jaipur with Dharamshala from March end

A new flight to connect Jaipur with Dharamshala from March end

Jaipur is often regarded as a well known tourist and business hub. People from all states tend to pay a visit to the Pink City to take in the rich and vibrant culture trip that it offers. Another tourist spot that is common among Indians is Dharamshala. Set in the foothills of the Himalayas, this serene place offers a break from everyday city life.

Now, in a new move by private airlines SpiceJet, they plan to have a direct flight from Jaipur to Dharamshala and vice versa.

The private airline company announced the news on their official Facebook page. With the new air route, the goal is to not only increase tourism in both the places, but also to better connect the two cities. Currently, it is rather tedious for travellers to visit either place. With the help of the flight, it will make Dharamshala better connected with the rest of the country.

The season where city dwellers flock to the hills is almost upon us and SpiceJet have chosen the perfect time to introduce this flight. As part of their introductory offers, the flights are rather light on the pocket, meaning you can spend more at your vacation. SpiceJet is celebrating the launch with promotional fares from ₹4099 on Jaipur-Dharamshala route and ₹3699 on the Dharmshala - Jaipur route.

As of now, Dharamshala is not very well connected and there are only three flights from Delhi that can take you there. With the new SpiceJet flight, Dharamshala will grow as a tourist destination and the chances of the city becoming a booming business hub will also grow. The flights will be operational from 31st March, 2019.