Aiding green mobility, ATGL installs EV fast charging station at Jaipur Airport

Aiding green mobility, ATGL installs EV fast charging station at Jaipur Airport

Adani Total Gas Ltd have set a price of ₹17 for per unit electricity used at the new facility.

Catering to the increasing need for EV charging points at the Jaipur International Airport, the airport authorities have now launched a two-point, robust DC EV fast charging station at Terminal 2. Setup by the EV division of Adani Total Gas Ltd (ATGL), the charging station has been equipped with two 30 kW and 20 kW CCS 2 type charging units.

EV charging station at T2 aims to be cost-effective

Reportedly, the new EV charging facility can charge up to 50 vehicles in 24 hours. Moreover, in order to manage the overcrowding at the station, a slot booking facility has also been made available via the Adani Total Gas Ltd EV mobile app. The charging rate at this station has been set at ₹17 per unit which is considerably cheaper than other places in Jaipur.

EVs at this charging station can be recharged using three different modes- time consumed, energy utilised, and money spent. Users can choose either of the modes, depending upon which they will be asked to pay the price.

Recently, a seven-point DC fast EV charging station was set up at traffic island 4 near the Exit gate. With this, Jaipur International Aiport is now home to 9 charging points, offering EV charging capacity of over 80 vehicles in a day. The move is a larger part of JIA's initiative to reduce carbon emissions and switch to green energy sources.

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