Add a splash of culture to your wardrobe with additions from Anokhi Museum in Jaipur

Add a splash of culture to your wardrobe with additions from Anokhi Museum in Jaipur

Completing your museum experience, is the Museum Shop and the Drinks Kiosk.

Situated approximately 15 km from the centre of Jaipur, in the old Amber town, the magnificently restored Anokhi Haveli houses the Anokhi Museum of Hand Printing (AMPH). Your trip to Amber Fort is incomplete if you do not tour around this gem of a museum, which is merely a ten-minute walk away from the fort. This museum aims to address the fragile situation and serious challenges faced by the block printing industry, when pitched against the pace of modern manufacturing, primarily through education. Enlighten your grey cells and witness this heritage craft as we give you a glimpse of the best that AMPH has to offer!

A unique artistic space, indeed!

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Dedicated to preserving the traditional craft of block printing and block carving, AMPH showcases a permanent collection as well as changing exhibitions, covering a broad range of designs, artisans and fabric. A range of natural and chemical processes involved in the final production of hand-printed goods, are displayed amidst the permanent collection. Further, the tools and related objects that provide tourists with an in-depth look into the complexity of this ancient tradition, are also housed here.

In an attempt to fulfil its aim of educating people about this endangered art form, the Anokhi Museum conducts workshops for children at the school and college level. Visitors can also engage in conversation with the artists and try their hands at block printing and carving in the demonstration area. Moreover, this museum has forayed into the field of publication and supports ongoing research programs dedicated to block printing.

Knock Knock

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You can complete your experience of touring AMPH by purchasing a few fashionable patterns to add to your wardrobe, from the Museum Shop and while you're at it, do visit the Drinks Kiosk in the museum forecourt. So, add this cultural stop to your post-pandemic travel itinerary and nurture your love of traditional art and craft techniques!

Timings: 10.30 AM to 5 PM

Days: Tuesday to Sunday

Location: Anokhi Haveli, Kheri Gate, Jaipur

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