British tourists to be tracked in Jaipur & other Raj. cities to control mutant COVID transmission

British tourists to be tracked in Jaipur & other Raj. cities to control mutant COVID transmission

Rajasthan to surveil a total of 811 British tourists, fearing the transmission of highly contagious mutant COVID-19 strain.

With the outbreak of a new, more contagious mutant strain of coronavirus in the United Kingdom, the world is standing at the threshold of an all-new battle against the contagious coronavirus. Globally raising an alert, this new strain is keeping citizens and administrations on the edge and Rajasthan, is no different. Keeping the impending risks in view, the authorities here have decided to track all 811 travellers who have arrived in the state over the course of 7 days.

Rajasthan Tourism may instigate yet another COVID-19 wave

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As per reports, around 333 people from the UK have entered the 28 districts of Rajasthan in the last one week, with a major chunk visiting Jaipur, followed by Jodhpur, Ajmer, Alwar, Udaipur, Kota, Jhunjhunu, Ganganagar, Rajsamand and many more. Healthcare officials in the state have labelled this surveillance procedure as a nightmare.

Rajasthan has been a victim of tourists spreading the coronavirus infection, where the first COVID-19 case in the state was recognised to be a 69-year-old Italian tourist, who had come on a tour to India when his country was in the throes of the pandemic. Therefore, this outbreak of the new COVID-19 strain has alerted the state and all the required precautions are being undertaken to diminish the possibility of transmission of the mutant strain that may push the overall health index of Rajasthan over the edge, yet again.

CMHOs to create rapid response teams

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All CMHOs have been instructed to make rapid response teams and survey the British tourists by tracking them to hotels and houses, where there are bed and breakfast options or even house guests. The idea is to quarantine them at the earliest, the officials said.

"The screening and sampling work of these UK tourists have started. We are monitoring all those who have arrived from the UK. In three-four days, we shall be able to reach out to every single tourist from the UK who entered the Pink City," said Jaipur's Chief Medical Health Officer. Additional Director (Health) also stated that they have forwarded the details to district collectors and directed them to ensure isolation and testing of the tourists, adding, "The department is on its toes and there is no need to panic."

The COVID-19 tally of the state has reached 3,05,360 and as yet, the death toll stands at 2,670, while the active cases are looming at 11,157. Till date, a total of 2,91,533 patients recovered from the virus.

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