Check out these 5 markets in Jaipur that will let you take home a slice of the city with you

Check out these 5 markets in Jaipur that will let you take home a slice of the city with you

Travelling to Jaipur? Bookmark this list and you're good to go!

When in Jaipur, you just can't stop yourself from spending loads of money. No, not on lavish rooms or living like royalty but at the small, lesser known flea markets where you can get everything that embodies the spirit of Jaipur in the best way possible. Perhaps it is wise to let your wallet loose here because some of the stuff you can get is rare and unlike something you might've seen. For some souvenirs to take back home, head over to these 5 marketplaces and make your trip worth it.

From the fine art of Blue Pottery to the more localized and crude way of making ornaments, Jaipur is a city that holds a lot of secrets that don't reveal themselves to you unless you go looking for them.

Johari Bazaar

One of the most well known marketplaces in Jaipur, Johari Bazaar is a place where you can fulfil all your cravings for ornate jewellery. Since the olden days, the market has been frequented by people from all around the world and this is largely because of the fact that it is a market that's light on the pocket and manages to give you bits of the best parts of Jaipur.

Bapu Bazaar

Not just a marketplace but a tourist destination in itself, Bapu Bazaar takes the cake when it comes to memorable shopping destinations in Jaipur. Here, at the market, you should surely try out a few leather merchandise, as that's what this place is really known for. Handcrafted and designed with utmost care, the stuff you get here embodies everything that makes a good leather product. The quality and price is unmatched, so be sure to put on your bargaining hats before you go!

Mirza Ismail Road

Pottery is a big deal in the Pink City. At Mirza Ismail Road market, the sight of a row of shops, all selling handmade pots, vases and a lot more is truly something to behold. If you're looking for something to take home with you, then drop by here and get a memorabilia that'll add to the charm of your living room.

Aravali Bazaar

In case you're looking to completely change the look of your drawing room, then head over here to get some really quirky home decor stuff. From blankets, carpets, curtains, to quilts and stationery items, here, you can get it all. In fact, you can even get a few unique clothes here, which is why you can't miss a visit to this market.

Saraogi Bazaar

A one-of-a-kind market that's fully underground, it houses some of the best Leheriya and hand block printed clothes you'll find in the city. Since it’s located near Hawa Mahal, you can pay a visit once you're done sightseeing. Be sure to check out the entire market because some shops are tucked away, and often, those are the best ones.

Knock Knock

When in Jaipur, the overwhelming sights can leave you spellbound. However, it would be wise to pay a visit to any of these markets as well, which are just the tip of the iceberg. As you explore the city more and more, you'll find something better each time. The Pink City is full of surprises on each corner, so take a trip down every alley you see!