Amer Fort in Jaipur should be on your travel list in 2019 for sure!

Amer Fort in Jaipur should be on your travel list in 2019 for sure!

Amber Fort, also known as Amer fort is a jewel of Jaipur because of the aesthetic amalgamation of the royal life in the bygone era!

With its majestic architecture and rich cultural history, Amer Fort in Jaipur is one of India’s greatest tourist attractions!

On your visit to Jaipur, you definitely should spend a day exploring Amber and its palaces, temples and gardens as they are the well-versed witnesses of the flamboyant and imperial phase of Rajasthan.

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Amber Fort has several appealing attractions but the Sheesh Mahal is probably one of the most beautiful one out of the heaving list!

This Palace of Mirrors, rightfully named after the thousands of mirror tiles and coloured glasses that adorn its walls and ceiling, reflects the natural light from outside and illuminates everything inside.

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It is also said that the Hall of Mirrors in this palace could be illuminated entirely with just one candle.

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One of the many pillars at the Sheesh Mahal has a uniquely carved flower at its base that is said to show different imagery when seen from different angles.

Identified by two butterflies on either side of the flower, you can see a fish tail, lotus, hidden cobra, lion’s tail, scorpion, elephant trunk and a cob of corn in this single carving, depending on where you look and how you look at it!

How interesting is that?

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Every corner of the palace has its own particular function.

The, Jaleb Chowk – the lowest one – was for mass gatherings.

The Diwan-e-aam was used for public hearings and the Diwan-e-khaas was for the main administrative functions, while Zanana Chowk (also known as Mansingh Mahal) was a residential area.

Of all the courts, Diwan-e-khaas – the most important in the political hierarchy – is the most formal space with an exuberant architectural charm!

Though much of the fort lies in ruins now,the havelis, courtyards and gardens stills reminds us of Amber’s burgeoning era during the rule of the Rajasthani kings.

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Entry Fee & other charges!

Foreigners: ₹550/person

Foreign Students: ₹100/person

Indians: ₹50/person

Indian Students: ₹10/person

Light Shows in English & Hindi: ₹200/person & ₹100/ person respectively

The most anticipated elephant ride comes up to ₹1,100 and this is an opportunity which cannot be missed!

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Timings: The fort is opened for visitation from 9AM till 6PM!

The elephant ride is available from 9:30AM till 1PM only so leave early to catch this part of your touristy bucket list! The light show in Hindi starts from 8PM and the English light show starts 7:30PM onwards!

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