This Heritage Walk happening in Jaipur informs you about the Thathera community

This Heritage Walk happening in Jaipur informs you about the Thathera community

The walled city of Jaipur is known for its glorious architecture, the forts and the palaces are a testament of all the skill the craftsmen of this city have. The Thathera community is a well known community of daily use utensil makers who turn sheets of copper and brass into everyday stuff that we have in our houses.

If you want to make the most of your Sunday and know more about the Thathera community, this heritage walk in Jaipur gives you the opportunity to do so.

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About the walk

Jaipur is one of ancient India's first and the most populated 'planned city'. It is a known fact that when the Maharaja of Jaipur Maharaja Jai Singh II decided to form the city, he invited several artists and craftsmen to come along, the Thathera community of Jaipur was one of them.

The community has been making home copper and brass utensils for generations and a handful of them still work hard to protect and keep alive the craft of making hand-crafted utensils.

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The walk will take you to the Thathere Walon ka Rasta which is located in the walled city near Chaura Rasta. The walk will take you on an introspective journey through these lanes where you can hear the constant beating of metal on metal and find out how the everyday vessels and utensils are made.

Knock Knock

This guided walk, is ideal for history buffs, trivia enthusiasts and people who're tired of doing the same thing every Sunday. If you want to do something better than just watch a movie on the weekend, walk through the winding lanes of Jaipur and find out about a craft that haw been here since generations.

When: Sunday, November 3

Timing: 10 am to 2 pm (Meeting Time- 9:45)

Meeting Point: Sai Temple, Choura Rasta, near New Gate

P.S. the tour is free of cost, all you have to do to become a part of the event is sign up here.

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