Travel Jaipur in style on Vintage Scooters with side-cars!

Travel Jaipur in style on Vintage Scooters with side-cars!

Jaipur is one of the most beautiful and culturally rich cities in India, it is the pink city, the city of royals!

And ZoomZ has made experiencing the opulence and grandeur of the city so much more fun! ZoomZ in Jaipur is providing tourists and locals with vintage scooters to tour the city like never before and bask in it’s glory. Sightseeing has never been better!

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ZoomZ, a local business that provides on-rent vintage scooter tours, has made it possible for visitors to travel Jaipur in a unique and exciting way. These brightly colored scooters are exceptionally fun to ride, especially with friends and groups. Plus they are great if you want to avoid the woes of traffic or the tourist traps laid all over town.

Travelling for every person means something totally different, for some it means luxury, for some- shopping, while for others it means food. Which is why, ZoomZ gives every kind of traveler customized options - for a gastronomical extravaganza choose Foodie Tour; Heritage Tour is a sight seer’s delight; experience the luxury with The Royal Treatment; and A Shoppers Paradise is the solution for frenzy shoppers; and there are many more.

So no matter what kind of traveler you are, what your preferences are, ZoomZ has you covered!

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ZoomZ also gives its travelers a local’s point of view of the city. These scooters provide the best kind of travelling experiences, because they are a perfect blend of touristy and locally-recommended places.

So make sure to book a ZoomZ tour next time you’re in the city! #jaipursense

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