Fancy a Faluda? Relish 'homemade' desserts at Jaipur's 60-yo Indian Ice Cream & Kulfi Faluda

Fancy a Faluda? Relish 'homemade' desserts at Jaipur's 60-yo Indian Ice Cream & Kulfi Faluda

Despite the addition of new desserts and beverages, Faluda remains the in-demand delicacy!

One of the iconic places that finds a home in Jaipur, other than the famous forts, is an ice-cream shop. Founded in 1957, Indian Ice Cream & Kulfi Faluda at Bapu Bazar is THE place to pamper your sweet tooth. Serving lip-smacking traditional Indian ice-creams, two of the most famous faluda flavours available at this shop are Kulfi Rabri Faluda and Mix Faluda. With the summer season just around the corner, this place will become your haven from the heat!

Fall in love with exotic Indian flavours

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Labelled as Shop no. 28 of Bapu Bazar, Indian Ice Cream & Kulfi Faluda is an almost 60-year-old ice-cream parlour that serves traditional Indian ice-creams which will surprise your tastebuds with every scoop. Also tagged as the oldest faluda joint in Jaipur, this little shop has been a mass favourite and visiting the city without dropping by here, is not a good idea at all!

The exhilarating response and popularity of this shop is also a result of the brand's commitment to taste and hygiene. Apart from offering 13 types of desi ice-creams, this shop has expanded into serving lassi, shakes, mocktails and more. With an estimated cost of approximately ₹200 for two people, you can enjoy a pocket-friendly evening here with your family and friends.

A legacy written in paint

Even though the owners of this shop have renovated it to accommodate the needs of modern customers time and again, they have left a trail in paint that is a testimony to the history of this shop. As you enter this place, you can see an iconic artwork from 60 years ago, painted in green colour on the far-end of the shop. Apart from being a true legacy, this glass painting is also a mark of authenticity for its customers.

Knock Knock

With an enigmatic tale straight out of a history book, this Indian Ice Cream & Kulfi Faluda store is the modern day 'ice-cream wallah' for us in Jaipur! We recommend all the timeless flavours offered here to every tourist and townie, alike.

Opening Hours: 9 AM to 11:30 PM

Location: 28, Link Road, Bapu Bazaar, MI Road

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