Get ready to bid adieu to traffic woes in Jaipur with urban cells

Get ready to bid adieu to traffic woes in Jaipur with urban cells

Though the condition of traffic in Jaipur is not all that bad, residents will tell you that it could definitely do with some improvement and the authorities would do well to streamline traffic in an orderly fashion. To cater to these needs and to make the city a better place to traverse in, the JDA (Jaipur Development Authority) is coming up with urban cells that will help reduce traffic congestion across the city.

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When comparing Jaipur's traffic to cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore, it is safe to say that in the Pink City, traffic is better managed. This can largely be owed to the fact that Jaipur has a smaller population than these other places, which eventually leads to emptier roads. However, the residents are up in arms about making a change to the condition of traffic.

These new urban cells that are coming up will help tackle these traffic related issues that make life difficult for Jaipurites on a daily basis. The urban cells themselves will consist of a team of engineers as well as traffic experts who will monitor and study the behaviour of travellers. Following that, they will carry out studies that will help them gauge exactly how the issue can be dealt with.

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For one, the main areas that get congested are the arterial roads along major city roads and flyovers. These routes are massive bottlenecks that cause traffic jams extending to various parts of the city.

Though there are many travellers who are opting for public transport such as buses and metros, over 90% of them choose to travel via their own vehicle. The authorities have thought of a way to tackle this as well. To curb the usage of private vehicles, the plan is to skyrocket the parking prices in major areas as well as to levy fines on illegally parked vehicles.

We're glad that something is being done to improve the condition of traffic in the city. Though this development will take a while to be put into place, we're excited to see a cleaner, more open jaipur.

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