Haunted places to visit in and around Jaipur

Haunted places to visit in and around Jaipur

Jaipur is widely regarded as one of the most culturally rich cities in India and is home to a royal dynasty even today. The city boasts many palaces, forts and medieval style markets. But watch out some of them are also haunted!

It’s home to some of the most eerie places int he country! And here we take you on a tour of those places.

Nahargarh Fort

Situated in the heart of the royal city of Jaipur, Nahargarh authorities do not allow visitors after the sun sets. The chills come from the spirits of the medieval ages- when the Maharaja built this fort, the spirit of Nahar Singh- upon whose burial ground the fort was built, was disturbed.

Another story that makes the rounds is that the Maharaja was very fond of the fort and after he died, he came to reside here as a spirit. Recently, during the tumult surrounding the release of Padmaavat, an unidentified dead body was found hanging from the fort with a message speaking against the release of the film.

Rana Kumbha Palace

The daunting aesthetics of this ruined and abandoned fort are spooky enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine. There are many secret passages and dungeons that were used by families of soldiers to keep safe from invasions. From these passageways and dungeons, visitors have often reported hearing screams of women and children.

The myth behind the stories, is that the screams are of the 700 ladies who immolated themselves during an invasion on the fort by the ruler of Delhi- Allaudin Khilji (who got wind of the safe havens), in order to protect their dignity.

NH 79

This paranormal highway is one that has a really dark tale surrounding it. It is believed that a long time back, a mother, in order to save her 3 month infant from child marriage, ran from Dudu village to the highway. While crossing the road in a rush, she was hit by a tourist vehicle.

This highway is also termed as the road that demands blood as there have been several other freak incidents here as well. People believe that the nearby village of Dudu is haunted as well and the curse has passed on to the highway.

Brij Raj Bhavan

The British left a long time ago, but one of the things they left behind was the colonial palace of Brij Raj Bhavan situated in Kota. It is host to the ghost of British army soldier Major Burton and his family who were killed during an invasion by Indian soldiers led by the Queen of Kota.

The first incident of seeing a spirit was recounted by her. She stated that the ghost of Major Burton still lurks behind to haunt unwary visitors and drives them away. Locals believe that the spirit stayed back to settle the score with the Queen.

Jal Mahal

At first glance, the Jal Mahal looks marvelous. A floating palace built in the middle of a lake. Scenic, right? The grandeur of Jal Mahal does nothing to hide its eeriness. The Mahal has several floors underground and a lot of hidden caves and dungeons in the basements.

The location of the palace give it an eerie, other worldly look and visitors have often reported screams and supernatural sightings from the floors underground here in the Mahal. Additionally, the underground floors have now been damaged beyond repair under unknown circumstances, so it is hard to know what went on there.

Bhangarh Fort

Asia’s most haunted place certainly deserves a mention in this list. Situated a couple of hours away from Jaipur, this place emanates supernatural vibes. Bhangarh fort has seen invasions, mass killings, and sieges. Each of it’s pathways have a dark history behind them.

The story about the fort is that it was cursed by a voodoo magician who wanted to marry the Queen and when she refused, he cast a spell on the fort, leaving it heavily cursed. Visitors and supernatural experts from all around the world have visited the fort and have often reported out of the world sightings and experiences here.

Jagatpura village

It is believed that in the past villagers lived here along with spirits and witches. The story here is that the king who ruled the village was greedy and did not care for the welfare of his people.

As a result of that, the villagers started dying of starvation and returned as spirits to haunt the King. To this day, the village sends out bizzare vibes. In fact, this residential area has been left abandoned for over 10 years now following this myth.

Jaipur may be well known as the pink city. But the amount of spooky places here make us think that not all here is sunshine and daisies. Be sure to visit some of these places for the most haunting experiences of your life.